FDR-1 is Family Dispute Resolution for One. It is a specialised 1-on-1 program developed by John Cleary, to help you at a couple of key stages in the separation/divorce process.  It is a form of coaching.  This program has been part of a pilot study being researched out of Victoria University, and initial results show high levels of client satisfaction.  Key times to use FDR-1 would include:

  • if the other person refuses to mediate
  • if the mediation does not result in the outcome you were hoping for
  • if you feel you need some help in dealing with ongoing conflict.

Family Dispute Resolution for One sounds ridiculous, surely Family Dispute Resolution involves more than one person?  In many cases, yes, but what happens when you want to mediate but the other person doesn’t?  In many cases  FDR-1 is like a coaching for the event to come.

FDR-1 helps you:

  • define the issues that need attention and clarify where they have come from.
  • develop ideas and strategies for negotiation and dealing with ongoing conflict
  • clarify ‘where to next?’, ‘what can I do differently?’
  • set goals for yourself in moving forward.
  • work towards a positive co-parenting relationship for the best interests of your children.

FDR-1 sessions are done with a very experienced mediator  and last no more than 2 hours. That mediator would be different to the medi ator who has conducted your intake, and/or FDR session. Your FDR-1 mediator, will be like a sideline coach to keep you focussed on obtaining best possible outcomes for your future.  Sessions are completely confidential and private.

Cost is $150ph

FDR-1 differs from pre-mediation coaching in that it is not so much focussed on getting the best out of your mediation, but in helping you move forward in whichever way is appropriate in your individual circumstances.