The process at Annabel Varvel & Associates, Family Mediators is as streamlined as possible to allow for a prompt service for you.

Usually we can offer intake sessions within 2 weeks.  How long it takes to arrange the mediation will largely depend on the availability of  both the parties. We would aim to offer mediation within 4-6 weeks from initial contact.   Many of the Family Relationship Centres (govt funded) having waiting lists for several months for an initial intake appointment.

We will usually set aside 3 hours for a mediation, unless there are complex issues, property  and parenting matters to discuss or you would like lawyers present.  In those situations we would either allow a day (9am to 4pm) or will schedule more than 1 session.  Usually 3 hours in one session is plenty as it can be both mentally and physically draining. We will always discuss your situation with you and make specific arrangements for you.