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Mediation Costs – what expenses am I up for?

We are a very reasonably priced Brisbane family mediation practice.  We pride ourselves on offering our clients exceptional value for money.  At Annabel Varvel & Associates – Family Mediators, we believe that we can save you many thousands of dollars by helping you resolve your disputes at mediation rather than through lengthy discussions with lawyers or court action.  Many Brisbane mediators charge in excess of $350 p/h or $3000-5000 for a day. Even court filing fees are expensive (click to see Family Court website) and can be saved with a successful mediation.

Our standard mediations are set for 3 hours unless discussed with you otherwise.  If there are both financial/property and parenting issues to discuss, it may take longer or we may make more than one mediation appointment.

Usually for lawyer assisted mediations we will allow a day.

Our fees usually total $600-1000 per person.

Our mediation costs as at 1 July 2017 are:

  • Intake: $200 per hour
  • Mediation: $300 per hour (standard mediation 3hrs)
  • Full day mediation: 9-4pm $2000 + $325/hr for additional hours.
  • Issuing Invitation and providing s60I Certificate (if no mediation): $150
  • Room hire: at cost if required (serviced offices available at Milton or Brisbane CBD if required. Cost usually totals $150-$300 depending on location and duration)

Usually the mediation costs and room hire costs are shared equally between the participants.

We require payment of our costs prior to or at intake and for the mediation, payment is required prior to the mediation to secure the mediation date.

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