a clean slateThe New Year is all about a clean slate, a fresh start.

It’s easy to look back at the mistakes you’ve made and wish you’d handled things differently, but you can’t go back.

You can go forward.  You can think and plan and map our what you want your future to look like.  For yourselves, for your family.

You might have found yourself in the situation where you have separated over the holidays and need to make some plans for how your family is going to function throughout 2016.

You can do this through mediation.  It doesn’t have to get messy, confusing, ugly, nasty, destructive. You can sit down, with a mediator and talk through options.  Even just to make a short term plan whilst you get yourself sorted out.

Perhaps you’ve been separated for a while but need a bit of help to sort out a few niggly issues.  Mediation can help you too.  Why not make 2016 the year where you wipe the slate clean and make a clear plan you can all agree to and works for everyone?

Mediation is far cheaper than a legal process and less emtionally costly too.  Each person could expect to pay about $500-750 for intake & mediation.*

If you’d like to book an intake appointment to get the ball rolling, I have appointments available from the first week in February when the kids are all back at school.

Even if you’re not sure if mediation is the right path for you, feel free to call me to discuss and if it’s not the best path I’ll be able to give you some suggestions, and possibily referrals to get you started.

Remember, 2016 can start with a clean slate.

Just give me a call on 0409 076 040.


* see costs page for more detailed information.