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Brisbane Family Law Mediators – Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners

At Annabel Varvel & Associates, we pride ourselves as being a top Brisbane family law mediation practice who cares about your family.  We provide excellent experience for an affordable price.  The aspects of our practice that we value most are that we are:

Friendly –  We are real people who care about helping your family

Affordable – We are very reasonably priced Brisbane family law mediators who pride ourselves on offering our clients exceptional value for money.  Usually our fees are $500-1000 per person.

Effective –We work hard at helping you try to resolve your issues so that you don’t end up in court.  We want you to have an agreement that works for all members of your family.

Professional – We are all Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners registered with the Attorney-General’s Department and therefore able to issue s60I certificiates.  We are also Nationally Accredited under the NMAS (National Mediation Accreditation Scheme).

Experienced – We have over 3500hrs of combined mediation experience.

Local – We are a Brisbane Family Law Mediation practice.

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